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Welcome to our essential tool for establishing a seamless connection between your satellite dish and the orbiting satellite. Designed specifically for users in the USA and Canada, our advanced tool meticulously calculates the look angles while keeping in mind any possible obstructions, be they high-rise buildings or dense tree canopies.

To begin, simply input your location coordinates in either Decimal Degrees or Degrees/Minutes/Seconds format. Next, choose your satellite configuration from our handy presets, including options like Bell TV dual-satellite, Shaw Direct Elliptical Dish, or a Dual Satellite setup.


North Latitude:

hour minute second

West Longitude:

hour minute second


Dual Satellite (20" Echostar dish, 60cm Shaw Direct dish or 75cm Shaw Direct dish)

Satellite One:   ° West

Satellite Two   ° West

True Azimuth:


Skew Angle:  

Our calculator then swiftly generates the required data - the 'True Azimuth', 'Elevation', and 'Skew Angle'. While our Elevation and Azimuth readings have proven to be accurate to several decimal places, please note that the skew angles may vary slightly from those provided by certain install guides, such as Bell TV's. This is due to the difference in calculation methods.

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