screen with the Rogers TV channel lineup

Rogers TV Channel List

screen with the Rogers TV channel lineup

Rogers TV Channel List

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Rogers TV Channel Lineup

Updated Apr 2024

Immersive 4K Entertainment

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of 4K with Rogers TV. Be it a pulsating action movie, a stunning wildlife documentary, or a gripping sports match, experience every detail in stunning ultra-high-definition

4K Entertainment 992 Festival 4K 986 Sportsnet ONE 4K 997 Sportsnet Ontario 4K 998
Stingray Now 4K 999 TSN 2 4K 994 TSN 4K 995 XITE 4K 987
Accessible Media for All

Rogers TV believes in making content accessible to everyone. That's they offer a suite of channels dedicated to providing content for visually and hearing-impaired viewers.

AMI-audio 196 AMI-télé 606 AMItv 888
Knowledge Unleashed: Discover, Learn, and Grow

Expand your horizons with Rogers TV's education and learning channels. Engage with fascinating documentaries, insightful lectures, and interactive educational programs that inspire curiosity and encourage lifelong learning, right at the comfort of your home. Dive into the world of knowledge.

Discovery Channel 244 Discovery Channel HD 42 History 249 History HD 43
National Geographic Channel 250 National Geographic Channel HD 535 TFO 608 TFO HD 13
TV Ontario HD 2 TVOntario 141
Endless Fun: Immerse in a World of Exceptional Entertainment

Step into the universe of extraordinary entertainment. From thrilling movies and gripping dramas to hilarious sitcoms and live sports action, we have got you covered. Enjoy high-quality content tailored to your interests and mood, anytime, anywhere. With Rogers TV, every moment is a spectacle.

A&E 270 A&E HD 31 Action HD 321 AMC 328
AMC HD 32 APTN 295 APTN HD 516 BBC Canada 275
bravo 272 bravo HD 40 Crime + Investigation HD 276 E! HD 278
FX 318 FX HD 15 FXX HD 566 GameTV 288
Showcase 319 Showcase HD 323 TV5 650 TV5 HD 103
Home of Family Fun

At Rogers TV, we bring the joy of family-friendly entertainment right into your living room. Enjoy a wide variety of channels featuring movies, shows, and educational content that everyone from the little ones to the grown-ups will love. Spend quality time together, creating precious memories.

ABC Spark 214 ABC Spark HD 480 Disney Channel HD 224 Family Channel (East) 225
Family Channel (West) 143 Family Channel HD (East) 51 Family Jr. 218 Family Jr. HD 479
Nickelodeon 231 Nickelodeon HD 478 Treehouse 221 Treehouse HD 481
YTV (East) 223 YTV (West) 142 YTV HD (East) 25
Savor the Flavor of French Culture

Indulge in the rich tapestry of French language content on Rogers TV. From critically acclaimed movies and riveting dramas to news and educational programming, we bring the essence of Francophone culture right to your screen. Explore the charm of the French language and culture.

ICI Radio-Canada Télé (TOR) 601 ICI Radio-Canada Télé (TOR) HD 12 ICI RDI 612 ICI RDI HD 102
TVA HD 101 TVA Montreal 610 Unis TV HD 660
Live the Good Life: Experience Upscale Lifestyle Programming Comedy

Immerse yourself in the world of fashion, travel, cuisine, and wellness with Rogers TV's lifestyle channels. From the latest trends to timeless traditions, we offer a unique blend of shows that inspire and entertain. Explore new interests or indulge in your favorite pastimes

Daystar Television Network Canada 241 DIY Network HD 261 Food Network 258 Food Network HD 56
HGTV Canada 257 HGTV Canada HD 46 OLN 412 OLN HD 37
OWN 252 OWN HD 590 Slice 256 Slice HD 243
TLC 255 TLC HD 34 VisionTV HD 237 W Network (East) 263
W Network (West) 264 W Network HD (East) 27 YES TV 238 YES TV HD 594
Eclectic Entertainment: Explore Diverse Content

A mosaic of channels catering to an array of interests. From intriguing documentaries and reality TV to classic reruns and niche programming, there's always something to captivate your curiosity. Embrace the unexpected and discover a world of entertainment outside the ordinary.

Free Preview Channel 10 Free Preview Channel 1 HD 94 OMNI East HD 150
Cinema at its Finest: Unwind with Movie Channels

Step into the world of spellbinding stories with Rogers TV's movie channels. Whether you're a fan of classic cinema, blockbuster hits, or indie gems, we have something for every film enthusiast. Experience the magic of movies, from the comfort of your home.

Lifetime HD 322 MovieTime 333 MovieTime HD 562
Embark on a Journey of Discovery with Pluto TV Explore

Satiate your curiosity and wanderlust with an expansive selection of explore channels. The platform curates an exciting array of top-tier networks, featuring gripping documentaries, captivating travelogues, and intriguing science programs. With Pluto TV Explore, every day is a new adventure into the known and the unknown.

CMT Canada 38 Much 701 Much HD 29
Boundless Broadcasting: Connect with the World

Experience the diversity of global broadcasting with Rogers TV networks. From local news to international events, our channels keep you informed and engaged. Discover new perspectives, stay updated with world affairs, and enjoy quality programming from around the globe.

ABC Buffalo (WKBW) 153 ABC Buffalo HD (WKBW) 18 CBC Toronto 127 CBC Toronto HD (CBLT) 514
CBS Buffalo (WIVB) 145 CBS Buffalo HD (WIVB) 16 CHCH 121 CHCH HD 11
Citytv Toronto 133 Citytv Toronto HD 519 CTV HD Toronto 518 CTV Toronto 108
CTV Two Toronto 136 CTV Two Toronto HD 20 FOX Buffalo (WUTV) 157 FOX Buffalo HD (WUTV) 28
Global Toronto 116 Global Toronto HD 3 NBC Buffalo (WGRZ) 149 NBC Buffalo HD (WGRZ) 17
OMNI.1 169 OMNI.1 HD 4 OMNI.2 171 OMNI.2 HD 14
PBS Buffalo (WNED) 161 PBS Buffalo HD (WNED) 525
Stay Informed: Catch Up with the Latest >News

Keep your finger on the pulse of the world with Rogers TV's news channels. From local headlines to international affairs, business updates to sports roundups, they provide comprehensive coverage to keep you informed. Get reliable, timely, and balanced news reporting.

CBC News Network HD 26 CBC News Network/AMI-audio (SAP) 189 CNN 183 CNN HD 33
CP24 192 CP24 HD 24 CPAC English HD 104 CPAC French (& CPAC English SAP) 614
CTV News Channel 188 CTV News Channel HD 62 Ontario Legislature 105 The Weather Network HD 586
The Weather Network HD (Toronto) 191
our Entertainment, Your Schedule: Enjoy On-Demand Content

Experience the freedom of choice with Rogers TV's On-Demand services. From the latest blockbuster films to popular TV series, our extensive library is available at your fingertips, ready to stream whenever you desire. Watch what you want, when you want.

Adult4U On Demand 356 Multicultural On Demand 168 Rogers Kids On Demand 234 Rogers Kids Zone 200
Rogers On Demand 100
Tune in and Let the Music Play: Enjoy Radio Excellence

Experience the magic of radio with Rogers Radio. From the latest hits to timeless classics, our diverse range of stations offers a soundtrack for every moment. Tune in, discover new artists, enjoy engaging talk shows, and let the music fill your day with Rogers Radio.

102.1 The Edge Toronto 929 104.5 CHUM FM Toronto 925 680 NEWS Toronto 903 93.5 The Move 932
953 Fresh FM 934 96.9 JACK FM Vancouver 906 98.1 CHFI Toronto 902 999 VIRGIN RADIO 928
boom 97.3 927 CBC Radio One Toronto CBLA FM 941 CFRB AM News/Talk 1010 Toronto 960 CFZM-AM 740 949
CHCR Greek Radio 959 CHHA AM 1610 Spanish Radio Toronto 951 CHIR FM Greek Radio Toronto 943 CHOQ-FM 105.1 Toronto 957
CHRY 105.5 FM York U Toronto 945 CIUT FM 89.5 U. of T. Toronto 946 CJBC AM 860 Toronto Premiere Chaine 942 Classical 96.3FM Toronto 931
CPWA FM Portuguese Radio Toronto 944 JAZZ.FM91 Toronto 933 KICX FM 106 905 KISS 92.5 Toronto 901
Q107 Toronto 926 Stingray Adult Alternative 726 Stingray Arabic 970 Stingray Around the World 743
Stingray Baroque 741 Stingray Big Band 748 Stingray Bollywood Hits 962 Stingray Canadian Indie 978
Stingray Canadiana 979 Stingray Chamber Music 740 Stingray Classic Masters 742 Stingray Classic Rock 722
Stingray Classical India 964 Stingray Country Classics 731 Stingray Dance Clubbin' 714 Stingray Easy Listening 747
Stingray Eclectic Electronic 724 Stingray Farsi 971 Stingray Flashback 70's 720 Stingray Folk Roots 729
Stingray Franco Attitude 980 Stingray Franco Country 732 Stingray Franco Pop 735 Stingray Franco Retro 718
Stingray Guangdong 966 Stingray Hindi Gold 961 Stingray Hit List 713 Stingray Hot Country 730
Stingray Jazz Masters 746 Stingray Jukebox Oldies 719 Stingray Kids' Stuff 222 Stingray Latin 972
Stingray Latino Tejano 976 Stingray Latino Tropical 973 Stingray Mando Popular 967 Stingray Maximum Party 716
Stingray MoussesMusique 750 Stingray Nature 749 Stingray Nostalgie 734 Stingray Opera Plus 981
Stingray Pop Adult 712 Stingray Pop Classics 739 Stingray Punjabi 965 Stingray Regional Mexican 977
Stingray Remember the 80's 721 Stingray Retro Latino 974 Stingray Riddim 728 Stingray Rock 723
Stingray Rock Alternative 725 Stingray Smooth Jazz 744 Stingray Sounds of South
Rogers Channel: Your Gateway to Premium Entertainment

Rogers Channel, where endless entertainment awaits. Delve into captivating programming, ranging from serene aquarium scenes to cozy fireplace settings. Immerse yourself in multicultural experiences during the Free Preview. Experience the excitement of Pay Per View events. Stay connected with TV listings and stay up-to-date with Your World This Week."

Aquarium Channel HD 205 Channel 299 HD 299 Fireplace Channel HD 204 Multicultural Free Preview 799
Pay Per View 1 350 Pay Per View 1 HD 348 Pay Per View 18 352 Pay Per View 19 353
Pay Per View 2 HD 349 Pay Per View 20 354 Pay Per View 21 355 Pay Per View 23 351
Pay Per View Preview Channel 347 Personal Video Recorder 950 Rogers Grid 509 Rogers Grid 473
TV Call Display 975 TV Listings 5 TV Mix - Kids 207 TV Mix - News 179
TV Mix - Sports 396 Your World This Week HD 1
Shop 'til You Drop: Explore a World of Retail Delights

Discover a vast array of products, from fashion and beauty to home goods and electronics, all from the comfort of your living room. Tune in to our shopping channels, browse exclusive deals, and indulge in retail therapy without leaving your home. Get the best of retail right at your fingertips with Rogers Shopping

Real Estate Channel 260 Today's Shopping Choice 202 Today's Shopping Choice HD 19
Unleash Your Sporting Spirit: Thrilling Sports Action

The excitement of the sports world right to your screen. Experience the thrill of live games, riveting competitions, and in-depth analysis from a variety of sports channels. From heart-pounding moments on the field to behind-the-scenes stories of athletes, Rogers Sports has it all. Fuel your passion for sports and immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of athletics.

NFL Network 419 NFL Network HD 490 Sportsnet 360 411 Sportsnet 360 HD 503
Sportsnet East 403 Sportsnet East HD 399 Sportsnet ONE 394 Sportsnet ONE HD 21
Sportsnet Ontario 402 Sportsnet Ontario HD 22 Sportsnet Pacific 405 Sportsnet Pacific HD 401
Sportsnet West 404 Sportsnet West HD 400 Sportsnews HD 500 Super Sports Pak Preview 368
TSN 1 HD 494 TSN 2 407 TSN 2 HD 495 TSN 3 HD 496
TSN 4 406 TSN 4 HD 30 TSN 5 HD 498
Stay Informed and Secure: Essential System Services

A range of critical system services to keep you informed and secure. Stay updated with emergency alerts through the Emergency Alerting Service (911). Access valuable information and announcements through Lobby Watch Channels. Rogers Channel keeps you connected and aware of important updates and safety measures.

Emergency Alerting Service 911 Lobby Watch Channel 1 988 Lobby Watch Channel 2 989 Lobby Watch Channel 3 990
Lobby Watch Channel 4 991 Lobby Watch Channel 5 955 Lobby Watch Channel 6 958 Lobby Watch Channel 7 984
Lobby Watch Channel 8 985
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