8 tips for changing internet provider

Change of internet provider

Planning a move or just looking to change your telecom provider? We've gathered key points to make the transition seamless. Here's how to get a better high-speed internet service, satellite TV, and residential IP telephony.

1. Compare Providers

There are plenty of internet providers, each offering something slightly different for a more or less comparable price. When switching operators, don't hesitate to compare prices and services to find the best internet offer. See what options are available in your area and which ones will give you the best deals.

Here's how to increase your chances of finding the new operator that's right for you:

  • Diversity of Offers: Beyond price, each operator has its specificities. Some stand out for the speed of their connection, others for the quality of their customer service, and others for additional benefits like TV or phone.
  • Geographical Area: Not all providers are available everywhere. It's essential to check the operators available in your region. Some providers specialize in rural areas, while others offer more efficient services in urban areas.
  • Compare Internet Boxes: With the advent of technologies like fiber optics, it's crucial to compare types of internet boxes. Some operators, like Bouygues or Orange, offer boxes with advanced technological features.
  • Consumer Reviews: Sometimes, the best advice comes from those who have already traveled the path. Check online reviews, ask friends, or neighbors about their experience with their internet provider.
  • Promotional Offers: Operators frequently launch promotions to attract new customers. This could be the right time to take advantage of a discounted internet offer or additional services.

In the end, remember that your goal is to find an operator that not only meets your internet connection needs but also offers good value for money and reliable customer service. Take the time to research and make an informed choice.

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Contact us to find out what type
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what technology

are you able to take advantage of?

Contact us to find out what type
network is available in your area

2. Check Your Contract

Internet service contracts usually have a predetermined duration. Check the agreements with your current provider before subscribing to a new one.

If your agreement is non-binding or the initial contract period is over, you are free to change. Note that some providers allow you to keep or buy back the equipment after 12 months.

If you do not meet the minimum conditions, you can switch to a new provider. Keep in mind there will likely be termination fees - and they are usually a significant amount.

You may be entitled to cancel your contract without fees or penalties if:

  • Your provider imposes a random price increase in the last 30 days
  • The speed is not as promised in your agreement
  • You believe your provider is not fulfilling the terms of the contract

If you need to terminate an internet service provider contract, send your request by registered mail and demand a receipt. This will avoid many surprises like automatic renewal.

Things to pay special attention to:

  • Is your plan flexible (can be canceled at any time)?
  • Is the service guaranteed as long as you are subscribed?
  • Will there be termination fees in case of relocation?
  • Are you responsible for a contract that can cause surprises?
  • Do you need to provide a security deposit or undergo a credit check?

Check the Simplified Internet Services Code on the CRTC website to learn more about your rights regarding internet subscriptions.

Properly preparing for termination is essential. Click below to download our internet contract termination letter template and make the process easier!

contract termination letter template

3. Determine How Much You Need

Internet consumption is unique to each person; it can be very modest to very demanding.

It's important to determine the amount of data you need and choose a compatible plan, especially for large households or the following uses:

  • You watch a lot of videos
  • You play online games
  • You regularly download large files

Streaming services like Netflix and Freerange TV consume a lot of data. Pay close attention to the included data in your internet subscription.

If you're unsure of your needs, use our tool to determine the required amount of data.

4. What Speed Do You Need?

Download speeds can range from snail's pace to ultra-fast, depending on the available technology in your region.

Make sure to choose an appropriate internet connection based on the services you use. Test the internet access speed of your current network to have a good comparison basis.

5. Combine to Save

Do you also use a phone line or television? Clearly, we all want the cheapest TV and internet bundle. You could save money by combining all your services in one place.

IP residential telephony offers a new way to stay connected with those who matter to you. A good internet service provider will offer VoIP phone line service. You'll have the option to keep your current landline number even if you change operators. Check here to ensure the portability of the phone number.

Mobo Telecom's TV packages are perfect for TV and movie enthusiasts, and fantastic for getting premium channels. We offer the basic channels local to your province, American networks in HD, on-demand TV, and much more. Inquire about our packages.

6. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Cost is a major concern when choosing a high-speed internet provider. An amount will be debited from your bank account every month, after all.

Ensure that you have the option for unlimited data. This allows you to stay connected but with reduced speed if you use all your monthly data. With this option, your bill will never exceed the specified amount in the plan, avoiding surprises.

7. Back Up Your Email Accounts

Do you have an email address provided by your current internet provider? It's time to find out what will happen to it when you make a change.

Here's how to secure your data before taking the plunge:

  • Inquire with your current provider: Before changing internet providers, contact them to find out what will happen to your email address once you cancel your subscription. Some providers allow you to keep the address for a certain period, while others delete it immediately.
  • Opt for a neutral address: It might be wise to switch to an email address not tied to a specific provider. Services like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail are universal and not dependent on your internet provider.
  • Transfer your essential emails: If your address is at risk of deletion, make sure to transfer all your important emails to your new address. Most email platforms offer tools to facilitate this process.
  • Don't forget your contacts: In addition to backing up your emails, make sure to export and save your contact list. This way, you won't have to gather all that information again.
  • Update your details: Go through the sites, apps, and services where you use your old email address as an identifier or communication method. Update this information with your new address to not miss any important messages.
  • Inform your contacts: Let your regular contacts know about your email address change to ensure continuous communication.

A change in internet provider doesn't mean you have to lose all your past communications. By following these steps, you ensure a smooth transition without sacrificing your valuable data.

8. Be Synchronized

Don't wait until the last minute to make your change, as you may end up with downtime. The wait time for a new installation varies among service providers. Activating a new service requires the intervention of a technician, hence the importance of checking the timelines. Inquire about the installation dates and schedule your appointment in advance, considering the time of year and temperatures.


Feel free to make the change. We can assist you in your research and find the best technologies for your region. Additionally, you can talk to one of our experts to learn more about each service. For special rates and promotions, sign up for a new service or schedule your installation. One call is all it takes.

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