WiFi Mesh: All you need to know for an optimized network

Réseau de router Wifi Mesh

Mai 31 2023 · 5 minutes to read

Key Takeaways

Mesh wifi is a system that uses multiple routers to mesh and extend the wifi signal.

It provides extended and stable wifi coverage throughout the house.

Installation is easy and intuitive thanks to dedicated mobile apps

It is ideal for large homes and for those looking for an optimal wifi connection.

This is the future of home wifi technology.

In our hyper-connected world, WiFi has become as essential as the air we breathe. Whether you're in the middle of a Zoom meeting, sharing your latest adventures on Instagram, or immersed in your favorite series on Netflix, a stable and robust WiFi connection has become a real necessity. So how do you ensure quality WiFi in every corner of your home? The answer is as elegant as it is powerful: the WiFi Mesh system.

Introduction to WiFi Mesh

Also known as mesh wifi networking, is a wifi technology designed to extend the range of wifi and provide stable, high-performance network coverage. It relies on a series of wifi routers, called nodes, which work together to mesh and distribute the signal throughout the house.

The Concept of Mesh in WiFi Mesh

The idea behind meshing is quite simple: instead of relying on a single router to cover the whole house, devices create a new wifi network by linking multiple wifi routers, or "nodes". Each node picks up the signal from the previous router and transmits it to the next, forming a mesh wifi system.

The mesh network is smart. It knows which nodes are closest and has the best connection, in order to optimize the wifi signal path. This ensures stable wifi and internet coverage throughout the house.

plan of an apartment with wifi mesh network

How it works

A mesh wifi system consists of a main mesh router that connects to your modem (the internet box) and one or more mesh satellites, which act as wifi repeaters.

Illustration de plusieurs appareils connectés via réseau wifi mesh

Router and Functioning of the Router in the Mesh System

In a mesh wifi system, the router is the heart of the network. It is connected to your internet box and serves as a starting point for the signal. It takes care of distributing the signal to the other nodes of the mesh network.

The mesh router is also smart. It communicates with the other nodes to ensure that the signal is always optimal, even when you move with your connected devices around the house.

The role of the repeater in network extension

The repeater, or satellite mesh, is a crucial part of the wifi mesh system. It acts as a relay for the wifi signal. It picks up the signal from the main mesh router (or other repeater) and redistributes it, thus extending the wifi range.

Connecting Your Devices to WiFi Mesh: Instructions

Connecting your devices is as easy as connecting to a traditional wifi network. You select the network name on your device and enter the password. Mesh network nodes communicate with each other to ensure your device is always connected to the nearest node with the best signal.

Benefits of WiFi Mesh Technology for Optimal Wireless Coverage

Advantages Description
Extended coverage Allows you to extend wifi coverage to areas of the house that traditional wifi cannot reach.
Stable connection Ensure a stable and constant wifi connection throughout the house, even when you move with your devices.
Easy Setup Generally simple and intuitive, thanks to mobile applications that guide the user step by step.

WiFi Mesh Network Versus Traditional Wireless Network

Unlike traditional wifi which relies on a single wifi router, mesh networking uses multiple routers to distribute the signal. This eliminates dead zones and ensures reliable wifi coverage throughout your home.

Only one network

While a traditional network can be extended with repeaters, these create separate networks that can cause disconnects as you move around the house. With mesh wifi, you stay on the same network, ensuring a seamless transition.

A Superior Home Network Solution: Best Mesh WiFi System for Large Homes

If you've ever used a traditional router for your wireless network, you've likely experienced dead spots. These are areas in your home where the WiFi signal is weak or non-existent. It can be particularly challenging for large homes, as the signal from a single router often fails to permeate throughout the home. This is where a mesh network comes in.

A mesh WiFi system, complete with a mesh router and multiple mesh nodes, serves as a far superior home network solution. The main mesh router connects directly to your internet box, acting as the backbone of your network. The mesh nodes, or range extenders, extend this signal and ensure comprehensive coverage across your whole home.

Unlike a range extender in a traditional router setup, which essentially creates a separate network, the mesh node in a mesh network seamlessly extends the original signal. This means that as you move through your home, your device switches from one node to another without interruption, effectively creating 'one network' throughout your home.

Selecting the best mesh WiFi system for your home depends on your specific needs. However, irrespective of the mesh system chosen, it will undoubtedly provide a more robust and reliable WiFi network compared to the traditional router.

This leap in wireless network technology is indeed what makes mesh networks the preferred choice for large homes. By replacing the conventional router with a mesh router and several mesh nodes, a mesh network ensures that every nook and cranny of your home enjoys a strong and stable WiFi connection.

So, bid adieu to the limitations of the traditional router and embrace the era of mesh networks. Welcome to the future of home WiFi networking: an optimized network that ensures a seamless, uninterrupted, and superior WiFi experience.

Switching to Mesh WiFi Router System: Why and How?

If you're tired of losing connection when you walk away from your router or have dead spots in your home, mesh wifi is the answer. It's easy to install and configure, and the mesh kits contain everything you need.

To install it, all you have to do is connect the main mesh router to your internet box, then place the mesh satellites in the places where you want to extend the wifi coverage. The app will guide you through the process.

Small capsule on Wifi standards

The WiFi standard isn't just technical jargon - it's the key to a faster, more stable and more reliable internet connection. Here's how different WiFi standards can improve your browsing experience:

WiFi Standards Advantages
WiFi 5 Faster than its predecessors, ideal for everyday uses like streaming and web browsing.
WiFi 6 Provides higher throughput and greater stability, ideal for network gaming, HD video streaming, and large homes with many connected devices.
WiFi 6E Uses the 6 GHz frequency band for an even more stable and high-performance connection, ideal for WiFi Mesh systems.

By choosing a WiFi Mesh system compatible with the WiFi 6 or 6E standard, you give your devices the power they need to perform at their maximum. And the best? It's that your WiFi signal stays strong and stable, everywhere in your home.

The Future of WiFi with Wireless Mesh Networking...

The mesh wifi system is a major breakthrough in the world of wifi technology. It offers extended wifi coverage, stable connection, and it is easy to install. Whether you have a large home or are simply looking for better wifi, mesh wifi is an option worth seriously considering.

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