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Updated January 13, 2017
You (the “Customer”) acknowledge and agree that by requesting, viewing or paying for any of the
Services offered by Shaw Direct, you agree that the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”)
apply to the provision of the Services. If there is any part of the Terms of Service you do not understand
or you wish to clarify, please contact our Customer Care Centre.
Definitions. In this document, the following words have the meaning set out beside them:
“Equipment” means any or all of the Receiver(s), the Satellite Dish and any ancillary equipment
necessary to receive the Services;
“Receiver” means the integrated receiver decoder/set top box that is connected to your
television in order to decode the programming and is associated with your Shaw Direct account;
“Satellite Dish” means the dish antenna and related components that are installed on the
outside of your home;
“Service(s)” means, as the context permits, any or all of the services that Shaw Direct provides
to you from time to time, including without limitation, rental of Equipment, programming to one or
more Receivers, Pay-Per-View services (“PPV”) and Video-On-Demand services (“VOD”) and
mobile applications to deliver Shaw Direct authorized services.
“Shaw Direct”, “we”, “our” means Star Choice Television Network Incorporated, Shaw Satellite
G.P. and any corporation that either of them controls, is controlled by or is under common
control, together with their respective officers, directors, employees and authorized agents.
General. The Terms of Service set out below reflect the manner in which Shaw Direct provides
the Services to you. We may find it necessary to change these Terms of Service, the Services or
the amount of any fees or charges associated with the Services from time to time and will provide
you with thirty (30) days advance notice of any material changes relating to these Terms of
Service and your Services. This notice may be provided to you with or on your monthly statement
or by separate notice. Non-material changes to these Terms of Service will appear on the Shaw
Direct website at by way of updated versions of these Terms of Service.
AS MODIFIED BY SUCH CHANGES OR ADDITIONS. If you do not agree with any changes we
make to the Terms of Service, you may cancel the Services by calling our Customer Care Centre.
If we change the content of any programming, you agree that we have no obligation to replace or
supplement the programming previously offered that has been changed or give you any refund or
Restrictions. You acknowledge and agree that:
the Services will only be provided to you in Canada;
the service address associated with your account is located in Canada;
you will not directly or indirectly use a single account in connection with more than one
(1) service address;
you will keep Shaw Direct advised of your service address and phone number(s)
associated with your account at all times;
no Shaw Direct – owned Equipment shall be removed from your current service address
without the consent of Shaw Direct;
if you terminate the Services within one (1) year of subscribing to the Services, any

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Receiver(s) provided to you at net $0 charge under a special promotional offer will be
returned to Shaw within thirty (30) days of disconnection of Services;
no more than six (6) Receivers can be authorized on one account; and
all Receivers are located at the service address listed on your account.
If any Receivers are not located at the service address listed on your account, we may disconnect all or
any portion of the Services immediately and we shall have the right to charge you for any Services
provided to any location that is not the service address.
Fees and Charges for Services. You agree to pay in full all amounts billed for Services,
including all applicable taxes. All amounts are due on the due date set out in the monthly
statement. We will bill you each month in advance for the Services, unless otherwise indicated on
the statement. Certain special promotional offers may require prepayment via credit card up to a
value of one hundred dollars ($100), which will be applied to your next bill. Amounts not paid by
the due date are subject to interest and other charges as more particularly described here and in
Section 5. If you have amounts outstanding more than thirty (30) days past the due date, your
account may be subject to Service downgrades and restrictions from ordering PPV or VOD
programming or from adding new Services. If you have amounts outstanding for more than sixty
(60) days, you agree to pay a fee of $20.00 for services relating to the administration, processing,
or service costs for your account (for example, collection efforts due to non-payment or
suspension, disconnection or reactivation of your Services) and will be subject to a disconnection
of Services. Upon reconnection, you will be charged a reconnection fee of at least $30. If you
have any billing-related questions, please contact our Customer Care Centre.
Other Charges. In addition to the monthly fees due and payable for Services, you agree to pay
the following charges, plus applicable taxes, where applicable:
Installation fees.
Interest: In the event that payment is not received by Shaw Direct by the due date, you
will be charged interest on all overdue amounts at the compound rate of two percent
(2%) per month (26.8% per annum) or the highest interest rate permissible by law, until
paid in full.
Deposit: Where programming has been disconnected, Shaw Direct may require that you
pay a deposit prior to reconnection of the Services. Deposits will appear as credits on the
Customer’s account and any fees payable will be deducted each billing cycle from the
deposit amount. Deposits will not accrue interest.
Returned Payment Fee: In the event that any institution on which your payment is drawn
refuses to pay Shaw Direct for any reason and the cheque, money order, credit card
payment, or other instrument is returned to Shaw Direct without payment, you agree to
pay Shaw Direct a returned payment fee of at least $25.00.
PPV: When you order PPV movies or events you will be charged a service fee per
movie/event ordered. Unless otherwise indicated at the time you place your order for
PPV programming, all sales of PPV programming are final.
NFL Sunday Ticket™ and NHL® Centre Ice™: When you order NFL Sunday Ticket™ or
NHL® Centre Ice™ you will be charged a fee. Unless otherwise indicated at the time you
place your order for NFL Sunday Ticket™ or NHL® Centre Ice™, all sales are final and
no fees will be refunded if you cancel your Services.

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Multi-Receiver Fee (MRF): If you receive Services on two (2) or more Receivers, you will
be subject to a monthly fee (of at least $5.99) for the activation and continued use of
multiple receivers on your account. If you are using the Services outside of a regular
residential dwelling, you may be subject to additional fees for each receiver that receives
Shaw Direct services.
Receiver Non-Return Fee: You are required to return your Receiver to Shaw Direct in the
following circumstances: (i) if you were provided a Receiver at net $0 charge under a
special promotional offer and you terminate the Services within one (1) year of
subscribing to the Services; (ii) if you are participating in a Receiver rental program
(described in Section 9 below) and your Services have expired or are terminated; or (iii) if
Shaw Direct has provided you with a replacement Receiver. In these circumstances,
your Receiver must be returned to Shaw Direct in good working order within thirty (30)
days from the date your services are disconnected or your replacement Receiver order is
made, as applicable.
In the event that your Receiver is not returned to Shaw Direct as set out above, you
agree to pay to Shaw Direct a “Receiver Non-Return Fee”, in an amount equivalent to
the undiscounted retail value of your Receiver, which amount will vary based on the type
and model of the Receiver, plus applicable taxes. The Receiver Non-Return Fee will be
applied and appear as a charge on your Shaw Direct account on the date your Services
have expired or are terminated or an order for a replacement Receiver has been made,
as applicable, provided however that if your Receiver has been returned to Shaw Direct
within thirty (30) days as set out above, payment will not be processed and the Receiver
Non-Return Fee charged to your Shaw Direct account will be reversed. If your Receiver
has not been returned to Shaw Direct as set out above, payment for the Receiver Non-
Return Fee will be processed using any of the payment methods accepted by Shaw
Direct for your account (including preauthorized credit card or bank withdrawal).
The Receivers must be returned to Shaw Direct Test & Repair Centre, Unit #4, 3550 –
Laird Road., Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 5Z7. Shaw Direct is not responsible for any
Receiver which is stolen, lost in transit or is otherwise not received by Shaw Direct for
any reason within the thirty (30) day return periods described above.
Other Contracts. If you are a subscriber under a separate Shaw Direct contract (including a
contract for equipment), please review that document for additional terms and conditions.
Seasonal Break. You are permitted to disconnect and reconnect Services for periods of not less
than fourteen (14) consecutive days and not more than one hundred and eighty (180)
consecutive days; provided that in each twelve (12) month period you may only disconnect the
Services for a total of one hundred and eighty (180) days (a “Seasonal Break”). If you wish to
schedule a Seasonal Break disconnect, at the time you make the request, you must give us
instructions for automatic reconnection on a date that is within one hundred and eighty (180)
days from the date you request the disconnection. If you do not provide us with a reconnection
date or the date of reconnection is greater than one hundred and eighty (180) days, then at the
time of reconnection, you will be charged a reconnection fee of at least $30. To arrange a
Seasonal Break without charge, visit the self-service section of or use the
Shaw Direct automated telephone system.

Page 4
Termination and Default.
By You:
In relation to residential accounts, you may terminate the Services at any time by
notifying Shaw of your desire to terminate;
In relation to business accounts, you may terminate the Services as follows:
(i) Where Shaw’s provision of the Services is governed by a separate signed service
agreement, the termination provisions of such agreement shall apply.
(ii) Where Shaw’s provision of the Services is not governed by a separate signed
service agreement, the following shall apply:
(A) Where the total charges for use of the Services in the preceding month is
less than $2,500, you may terminate the Services at any time by notifying
Shaw of your desire to terminate; or
(B) Where the total charges for use of the Services in the preceding month is
greater than $2,500, you may terminate the Services at any time by providing
Shaw no less than 30 days advance notice of your desire to terminate, in
which event Service charges will continue to apply until the end of the notice
You are responsible for payment of all outstanding amounts accrued up to the date of
termination, including, if applicable, any early termination fees payable.
By Shaw Direct. We may immediately suspend or disconnect the Services at any time upon the
occurrence of any of the following: (1) you fail to make full payment of amounts owing to Shaw Direct
within sixty (60) days of their due date; (2) a breach by you of any of these Terms of Service that has not
been cured within 10 days after you receive notice of such default; (3) you transfer or relocate any or all
of the Services or any Shaw Direct-owned Equipment without the consent of Shaw Direct; (4) you assign
or attempt to assign any of your rights, duties or obligations under these Terms of Service; or (5) any act
of bankruptcy on your part or the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings against you.
Refund. On expiry or termination of the Services for any reason, if your account has a credit balance
under ten dollars ($10.00), this credit balance will not be automatically refunded to you when Services
expire or are terminated.
Receiver Rental Program. If you are participating in a Receiver rental program, you
acknowledge and agree that the Receiver supplied to you by Shaw Direct is rented to you as part
of your monthly charges and shall remain the exclusive property of Shaw Direct, and that you will
not sell, transfer, lease, encumber or assign all or any part thereof. You acknowledge that you
have no right to purchase the rented Receiver at any time.
Equipment Warranty.
Receiver(s): If you own your Receiver(s), you will receive the manufacturer’s standard
limited warranty applicable for a specified period of time after the date of purchase. In
addition, Customers that own no more than one (1) Receiver may purchase from Shaw
Direct, for a period no less than one (1) year, optional limited warranty coverage for their
Receiver. Customers who receive Services on two (2) or more Receivers will
automatically receive additional limited warranty coverage on each of their Receivers.

Page 5
Satellite Equipment: If installed by an officially authorized Shaw Direct installer, exterior
Equipment is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers all outside
Equipment, including replacement and labour costs for the Satellite Dish, Low Noise
Block (“LNB”), and outside wiring, provided that any damage was the result of normal
use of the system and not pertaining to vandalism, theft, force majeure, tampering,
accidental damage (direct or indirect) by a human or animal, insertion of any equipment
not explicitly authorized by Shaw Direct, electrical surges and/or electrical issues not
caused by Shaw Direct or use of the system in any manner other than intended by Shaw
Direct. Items that are not covered by the warranty include: equipment damage or loss of
signal as a result of tampering with the Satellite Dish and outside equipment; the Digital
Satellite Radio (“DSR”) satellite receiver and remote control; replacement and labour
costs arising from self installations and Satellite Dish and/or LNB upgrades.
No Warranty for Mobile Services. Shaw Direct does not warranty any product or service
pertaining to the reception of mobile services or applications.
For the purposes of these Terms of Service, professional basic installation shall include
the following:
Initial Customer contact by installer confirming the installation date and time.
Satellite Dish assembly and mounting to your home (single family structure.)
Placement and connection of hardware from Satellite Dish/LNB to one (1) Receiver.
Testing of entire Customer drop for functionality
Consultation concerning the options to connect the VOD services
Contact our Customer Care Centre for system activation.
Demonstration of Receiver operation to Customer.
Sealing of all entry holes plus installation of proper wall plates.
Costs. Any costs over and above a basic installation must be paid by the Customer
directly to the installer. Additional hardware and installation charges may include, without
limitation, additional mileage, cabling beyond 100 ft, fishing of lines, or multiple lines.
Self-Service Area. Installation may be performed by a Shaw Direct installer; however, if a
Shaw Direct installer is not available in your area, Shaw Direct may provide a Satellite
Dish to you for self-install. At no time is Shaw Direct responsible for any injury to person
or damage to property either directly or indirectly resulting from installation of Shaw
Direct Services by any individual, party or company that is not an officially approved
Shaw Direct installer. Shaw Direct is also not responsible for any portion of costs incurred
pertaining to installations made by any individual, party or company that is not an
officially approved Shaw Direct installer.
Rental, Condo or Multiple Dwelling Units. Customers who reside in an apartment or other
rental property must have obtained the consent of the owner or landlord to attach the
Equipment to the building prior to arranging installation. Customers who reside in a
condominium or strata unit are required to have valid authorization (from the by-laws or
otherwise from the governing body) to attach the Equipment to the building prior to
arranging installation. Shaw Direct is not responsible for any changes or damages made
to any portion of property as the result of installation of Shaw Direct Services made at the
request of a tenant or occupant of a rental property, condominium, townhouse or any
other multiple dwelling unit.

Page 6
No Waiver. No failure to exercise and no delay in exercising, on the part of Shaw Direct, any
right, power or privilege hereunder will operate as a waiver hereof.
Collections. In the event that Shaw Direct chooses to use a collection agency or legal counsel to
collect any amounts owing by you or to assert any other right Shaw Direct may have against you
by virtue of these Terms of Service, you agree to pay the reasonable costs of collection or other
action including, but not limited to the costs of the collection agency, reasonable legal fees, and
applicable court costs. You acknowledge that, in the event of your failure to pay amounts owing
to Shaw Direct, Shaw Direct may notify credit and/or collection agencies of your non-payment,
which may have an adverse effect on your ability to obtain credit.
Content. Shaw Direct shall have no liability with respect to the content of the programming
provided to you.
Liability for Unauthorized Use. In the event that any of the Equipment is stolen or otherwise
removed from your premises, you must notify our Customer Care Centre immediately, but in no
event more than five (5) days after such removal. In the event that we are not notified
accordingly, you shall be liable for unauthorized use of the Equipment and the Services until such
time as we are notified.
Compliance with Laws by Customer. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all
applicable building codes, zoning ordinances, covenants, conditions and restrictions (collectively
"Laws") related to the installation of the Equipment provided under this Agreement, to pay any
fees or other charges, and obtain any permits or other authorizations necessary for installation of
Equipment and reception of the Services. You are solely responsible for any fines or similar
charges for installation or service in violation of any Laws. Removal of any of the Equipment due
to failure to comply with any Laws will not alter or relieve your obligations under these Terms of
Service. If you do not own the Equipment location, you represent that the installation of the
Equipment has been approved as required by applicable Laws, and that Shaw Direct’s interest in
the Equipment will not be encumbered by any conflicting interest and you agree to indemnify
Shaw Direct if this is not true.
No Transfer. Neither the Services nor any of the Equipment may be assigned or transferred by
you without the prior consent of Shaw Direct.
Viewing. You acknowledge that the Services are to be viewed only at your service address and
under no circumstances shall they be exhibited in any common or public area or for any public
viewing purposes. Any exhibition other than as set forth above shall constitute a material breach
by you and will result in deactivation of the Services. The programming may not be rebroadcast,
reproduced, transmitted or performed except as in accordance with these Terms of Service, nor
may an admission fee be charged for program viewing. If you are using any of the Services
outside of a residential dwelling, you are responsible to ensure you have the appropriate rights
granted to display any and all content.
Blackouts and Temporary Interruptions. Some of the services contained in the programming,
including some subscription services, sports events, and/or broadcast network services, may be
blacked out from time to time in your local reception area. Any circumvention of, or attempt to
circumvent any such blackout shall constitute a material breach and may also result in legal
action against you. Programming may also be subject to temporary interruptions due to natural
phenomenon such as weather-related causes (thunderstorms, snowfall, etc.) Shaw Direct will
not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience which you may suffer as a result of any
blackout or temporary interruptions and will not refund charges for the blackout period or
temporary interruption.
Warning against Piracy. It is against the law to receive the programming or any portion thereof,
without the applicable payment to Shaw Direct. Any Customer who wilfully causes Equipment

Page 7
modification for the purposes of receiving the programming or any portion thereof without the
applicable payment is an accessory to an offence and may be punished accordingly.
Assignment of Account. Shaw Direct may sell, assign, or transfer your account to a third party
without notice to the Customer. In the absence of notice of the transfer, you shall continue to
remit all payments to the address listed on the Shaw Direct billing statement.
Applicable Law/Entire Agreement. These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of
the Province where your service address is located, and the laws of Canada, including the
applicable rules and regulations of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications
Commission. The terms and conditions herein are subject to amendment, modification, or
deletion if required by, or found to be in conflict with, applicable law or regulation, without
affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions. Subject to section 6
and any separate Shaw Direct contract that you may be under, these Terms of Service constitute
the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and
supersede and replace any and all prior agreements. In the event of inconsistency between this
version of the Terms of Service and the version online at, the online version
will prevail.
Satellite Facilities and Equipment. You acknowledge that the satellite facilities used by Shaw
Direct in the provision of the programming may change from time to time. Similarly, the features,
services or hardware and/or software abilities of any or all Equipment may change from time to
time. You acknowledge that each time there is a change in the satellite facilities, realignment,
replacement or relocation of your Satellite Dish or any of its components may be required. Should
Shaw Direct charge Customers a fee to make such adjustments, notice of such fee would be
communicated prior to any adjustments. Shaw Direct is not required to provide you with any
features, software or hardware that are not essential to the reception of the Services. As such,
any revision, removal or addition of features, software or hardware are at the sole discretion of
Shaw Direct and do not constitute a breach of these Terms of Service.
Rights and Remedies. The rights and remedies available to Shaw Direct in these Terms of
Service are cumulative and are in addition to any other right or remedy available to Shaw Direct
at law or in equity.
Exclusion of Liability. To the extent permitted by applicable law, none of Shaw Direct, nor its
suppliers (including Telesat Canada), will be liable for any interruptions in programming or liable
for any delay or failure to perform, if such delay or non-performance arises in connection with any
acts of god, fires, earthquakes, floods, power failure, satellite failure or malfunction, failure to
replace existing technology, acts of any governmental body or any other cause beyond our
reasonable control. In no event shall Shaw Direct be liable for any indirect, special,
consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to, loss of programming, loss of
use of equipment or any other damages resulting from the breakdown or failure of equipment or
mobile application, internet-related data charges, delays in servicing or the inability to service any
equipment (or any component thereof) covered by any service warranty provided by Shaw Direct
or otherwise, whether based on negligence or otherwise. We make no express warranties
regarding the Services provided to you, and all implied and statutory warranties, including without
limitation any warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby
expressly disclaimed, except in provinces where implied or statutory warranties cannot be
disclaimed, waived or limited. No warranty is provided whatsoever for the quality or continuous
transmission. In no event shall Shaw Direct’s liability to you exceed the total amount paid to
Shaw Direct by you for the Services in the one (1) month period preceding the event that is the
cause of the liability. The above disclaimer applies to all of Shaw Direct’s affiliates, staff,
contracted employees, representatives, affiliates, service providers and any authorized party
acting as a representative of Shaw Direct. It is your responsibility to impose any restrictions on
viewing by you, other members of your household, or your or their invitees, and we shall have no
liability to anyone due to, or based on, the content of any of the programming furnished to you.

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Arbitration / No Class Action. Any claim or dispute (whether in contract or tort) arising out of or
relating to these Terms of Service, the Services, or any oral or written statements or
representations relating to the Services or these Terms of Service (collectively a “Claim”) will be
referred to and determined by a sole arbitrator (to the exclusion of the courts) whose decision will
be final and binding. Unless prohibited by law, you agree to waive any right you may have to
commence or participate in any class action suit or proceeding against Shaw Direct arising out of
or relating to any Claim and you also agree to opt out of any class proceedings against us. If you
have a Claim you will give written notice to us at the address specified in Section 26, with a copy
to General Counsel, Law, Suite 900, 630 – 3rd Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta, T2P 4L4. If we
have a Claim we will give you notice to arbitrate at your billing address. Any arbitration of a Claim
will be pursuant to such rules as you and we agree and failing agreement will be conducted by a
single arbitrator pursuant to the laws and rules relating to commercial arbitration in the province
where your Service address is located that are in effect on the date of the notice to arbitrate.
Credit Checks. Shaw Direct reserves the right to examine your credit records at any time,
whether before or after providing you the Services.
Contact. You may contact Shaw Direct via telephone at 1.888.554.7827, via the Shaw Direct
website at or in writing at Suite 100, 2400 – 32nd
Avenue NE,
Calgary, Alberta T2E 9A7. Any contact in writing should include your name, the account number
and the account holder’s name (if different). Questions relating to billing should include an
explanation of the suspected error.